Heading out to Sanford tonight to sell tickets for our show @West End Trading Co. on Friday. We go on @ 9pm sharp. If you're in the Orlando area and want to get a pre-sale ticket, let us know and we'll get one out to you today when we're out that way



Last night's show at Skippers was one for the books. Thanks to everyone for being a great crowd and filling up the dance floor. We made lots of new friends last night, and got to talk to many of you. Thank you to everyone that signed the mailing list and picked up their copy of the new "Interstate Lines" EP preview. We'll be back at Skippers on Nov. 25th for Twangsgiving, a food drive for Tampa Bay that will replenish the food banks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's going to be a great show for an even better cause.



Welcome to our new site! It's been a long time coming but we've finally launched. Explore the site and give us some feedback on Facebook, Twitter or through e-mail. Also, don't forget to sign up for our mailing list. We hope you like it!



Well, a few days back in FLA now and all is well. We had a great weekend in North Carolina and Georgia. It was a successful trip as well. Made good friends on our journey and even learned a few Drae's attraction to women's purses, Andrew could earn a living as a truck driver, Al can impersonate a scarecrow with his leaf collection, Tyler is invisible, and our friend Ash can climb trees and gracefully fall out of them.

Big thanks to Adam, Andrew, The Emerald Lounge, Rob, Radiolucent, Stagolee, Modoc, the people and city of Asheville NC, Lou, Shawn, Emily, Smith's Olde Bar, Rebeca Rego, the people and city of Atlanta GA, Enterprise Rent a Car, gas stations, Wal-Mart parking lot and parking lot attendant (letting bands sleep in their vans for years), and our rental Dodge Caravan.

Next step is finishing this EP, a few shows in Tampa, then back on the road starting with Greenville SC.



Success in Asheville: last night's show was a good one. Southern hospitality rang true all night. The night really was unexplainable...everyone, bands and crowd seemed to come together to make one show. Thank you to all our new friends and those who signed the mailing list. Thank you to Stagolee, Radiolucent, and Modog for playing with us. It was a good long night. We made a lot of new friends and that's a good thing. Thank you Asheville and we'll se you again soon!

We capped off our night with the fine cuisine of the Asheville Waffle House and then went to our hotel...AKA, the Asheville Walmart parking lot. After a full nights rest, we brushed our teeth in the wallmart bathroom and we're on the road to Atlanta for our show at Smithe's Olde Bar. Thanks for all of you that have been keeping up with us and sending good thoughts and prayers, they're working.


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